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Benefits For You

WedTexts offers a variety of user-friendly features that allow you to spend less time planning your wedding, and more time enjoying the wedding experience.

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Unlimited Groups

Organize guests into unlimited groups, so you can personalize their WedTexts reminders.

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Unlimited Pre-scheduled Reminders

Schedule unlimited wedding text message reminders in advance, so you don’t have to think about them later.

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Unlimited Real-time Messages

When things don’t go according to plan, your guests won’t be left in the dark, you can send unlimited real-time wedding text messages to your guests at no extra cost.

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WedTexts Easy-Fill© Templates

Schedule all your automatic wedding reminders in 5-minutes or less with the WedTexts Easy-Fill© Templates.

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Web + Mobile Apps

Edit your WedTexts account anywhere you can connect to the web.

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Cost Saving Communication

Average cost of one-time invitations + postage = $4.50/guest … Average cost of unlimited messages with WedTexts = $1.33/guest.

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Custom Messages

Fully customizable text messages for a unique guest experience.

icon - wedtexts - editable custom wedding text messages

Editable Messages

Scheduled WedTexts reminders can be edited in case something changes.

icon - wedtexts - wedding text reminder sent to all guests

One Message to All Guests

Send any message, to all your guests, all at once.

Benefits For Your Guests

WedTexts makes it effortless for your guests to keep up with all of your wedding activities, so they can spend more time enjoying the wedding experience.

icon - wedtexts - wedding text messages are sent as SMS

SMS Messages

No matter what phone carrier, operating system, or cell phone your guests have, they will get your WedTexts reminders.

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No Smartphone, No Problem

Guests can receive your wedding text message reminders if they can receive a text message.

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No App Needed

Communicate with your guests w/o requiring them to download an app.

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All Inclusive Guest Experience

Remind guests about all of the fun things you have planned for them, so they don't miss out on any of your wedding experience.

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Guest Groups

Your entire guest list can receive reminder messages or you can send out custom messages to unique groups of guests, so guests get exactly the information they need when they need it.

icon - wedtexts - links in wedding text messages are linked to map apps on guests' smartphones

Addresses Link to Map Apps

Guests can get directions with one click inside a WedTexts reminder.

WedTexts is FREE to Use With Your Entire Wedding Party!

Keep your wedding party informed by sending them unlimited, pre-scheduled wedding reminders and unlimited, real-time wedding text messages for free! -- Sent directly to their cell phone via SMS (no-app needed).

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